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Men of Action

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"Meanwhile, Alison joins a theater group and becomes the star of a musical. “I sing and dance,” says Maslany, who listens to different music for each character as preparation. “That’s how I started; I cut my teeth in musical theater. But to do it on ‘Orphan Black’ was scary. I had to go back and take lessons.”"

‘Orphan Black’ star undergoes Hollywood treatment, (NY Post)

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if i was famous i’d answer every inappropriate tweet i got

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I’m in the interesting and innovative packaging fandom. Who’s with me?

packaging can make or break my buying a product

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Screencap meme : Dragon Age / Bruised & Battered (Which turned into blood and death) requested by

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Only thing hotter than the lab coat with the sleeves rolled up is no lab coat at all

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